"Our Hope For A Brighter Future!"

Larry's Boys School Program

West Chicago Suburbs

Founded more than 30 years ago, the mission of Larry’s Boy’s School is “Saving one Child at a Time.”

Our motto, “We’re Better Together,” rings true with a 20-member strong constituency of volunteers and supporters. This strategic,

hands-on, job & career-focused training program targets at-risk youth and has gained trade-work support within the Maywood, Oak Park, Highland Park and Proviso Township communities, suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Village of Maywood in the western suburbs of Cook County, Illinois

Township is Proviso

Population 27,300

Area; 2.72 square miles, 4-miles west of Chicago

Postal code 60153, 60154, and 60155

Area code 708

Neighboring villages are Broadview to the south, Forest Park and River Forest to the east, Melrose Park to the north, and Bellwood to the west.

We service the following:

We have a population of 27,300but when you add in the illegal immigrants and the part of our population that does not answer the census that figure goes well over 35,000.

Maywood has 3-High Schools, 7-elementatary school, 3-ospitals including a Major Trauma Center (Loyola Hospital) 4th District Courthouse (Maybrook), a major highway running thru, railroad, Desplaines River and 2-Major streets (1st Ave & Roosevelt Rd) which helps brings in a combination of over combined 100,000 people and vehicles thru our community Monday thru Friday from 6am to 7pm. Geographic Area Served.


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Started one of the first summer feeding programs in Maywood!

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