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Larry's Boys School Program

West Chicago Suburbs

Founded more than 30 years ago, the mission of Larry’s Boy’s School is “Saving one Child at a Time.”

Our motto, “We’re Better Together,” rings true with a 20-member strong constituency of volunteers and supporters. This strategic,

hands-on, job & career-focused training program targets at-risk youth and has gained trade-work support within the Maywood, Oak Park, Highland Park and Proviso Township communities, suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Village of Maywood in the western suburbs of Cook County, Illinois

Township is Proviso

Population 27,300

Area; 2.72 square miles, 4-miles west of Chicago

Postal code 60153, 60154, and 60155

Area code 708

Neighboring villages are Broadview to the south, Forest Park and River Forest to the east, Melrose Park to the north, and Bellwood to the west.

We service the following:

We have a population of 27,300but when you add in the illegal immigrants and the part of our population that does not answer the census that figure goes well over 35,000.

Maywood has 3-High Schools, 7-elementatary school, 3-ospitals including a Major Trauma Center (Loyola Hospital) 4th District Courthouse (Maybrook), a major highway running thru, railroad, Desplaines River and 2-Major streets (1st Ave & Roosevelt Rd) which helps brings in a combination of over combined 100,000 people and vehicles thru our community Monday thru Friday from 6am to 7pm. Geographic Area Served.

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Larry’s Boys School Program

Larry’s Boys School Program a 501 (c)(3) organization is providing and addressing the economic needs of low-income individuals and families through the creation of employment and business opportunities in low-income community. Our local educational agency is serving a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students and our graduation rate is less than 70%. We address hunger, during the summer months we offer a feeding project, youth land and the economic needs of low-income individuals. Our program is improving lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic participation through service and volunteering.

Our program has well-designed interventions to strengthen our communities. We have services that include one-to-one, group, and peer mentoring services to HELP young people to pant and grow food. Transitional services include a broad range of activities, including providing case management, targeting offender needs that affect recidivism, supporting comprehensive services to promote responsible fatherhood, and implementing strategies that enhance the life skills and future of young fathers and their families. Transform distressed, high-poverty neighborhoods into viable, mixed-income neighborhoods with access to well-functioning services, high quality public schools and education programs, high quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation, and improved access to jobs. Community High-Risk Youth Mentoring Research Project, Safety Challenge; Research Initiative: Safety Challenge Area, Community Economic Opportunity, Job Training Service, Mentoring Program, Street Outreach , Planning, Education/Prevention, Evaluation, , Youth Planting, Youth Communities Development, Youth Program, Educational, Cultural Enrichment Youth Leadership Program to Creating Safer and Better Communities. Our program also provides training and technical assistance to improve state responses to child and youth victims and their families and caregivers.

We are expanding economic opportunity—helping people to acquire the skills, education, and training they need for productive employment. By helping more people graduate, pursue higher education, and find work, national service can provide immediate and long term benefits by expanding individual opportunity, building family stability, and creating more sustainable, resilient communities.

For more information and or to send a DONATION, please click the below donate button and or call our office at: 708-345-6342 or write us at: 1701 South 1st Ave 403/P.O. Box 13 Maywood, Illinois 60153.  Please make all checks payable to Larry's Boys School Program.  Thank You!

Nathan L. Lee, CEO

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